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Jilin diatomite, diatom mud fun in your common sense

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1, diatom mud What features?

Diatom mud wall paint is environmentally friendly new materials, environmental protection both functional and artistic characteristics of the specific features include the elimination of formaldehyde, air purification, attract noise, mildew proof, wet and dry balance, including artistic style diversification texture can create strong, and can achieve personal customization.

2, the principle of the elimination of formaldehyde diatom mud?

Diatom mud works include the elimination of formaldehyde absorption and elimination of two steps, first diatom mud adsorption function, diatomaceous earth having a fine porous structure, with a strong adsorption capacity, formaldehyde in the air can be absorbed. Second, the blue dolphin diatom mud added nano photocatalyst, able to effectively break down harmful substances absorbed.

3, diatom mud disadvantages?

Diatom mud is not perfect, but also has its own shortcomings, because diatom mud mud attribute determines it is not waterproof, the first diatom mud super fibers, porous and other features, its ultrafine pores charcoal also produce more than 5000 to 6,000 times. When the indoor humidity rises, ultrafine pore wall material diatomite on automatically absorb moisture in the air, which was stored. If the moisture in the air to reduce the indoor humidity drops, diatomaceous earth wall material can be stored in ultra-fine pores of the moisture released. Diatom mud has so resistant to moisture and automatically adjust the humidity function. It is because of the characteristics of diatomite porous, so it itself is not waterproof and can not be washed with water to scrub.

4, diatom mud factors influence the price?

The problem is the price diatom mud every consumer concern, different prices are not the same, even the same brand different texture price difference is very large, diatom mud factors affect the price are the following: One, the product recipe, the second is the complexity of construction, the choice of diatom mud price is not the only criterion, not blindly pursue careers cheap.

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