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China diatomite: precoated diatomaceous earth filter aid need to consider what f

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In order for the filter to work smoothly, you want to pre-coated filter media. And to ensure the smooth precoated diatomaceous earth filter aid, and to consider several factors:

Using diatomaceous earth filter aid, first thing to do is to diatomaceous earth filter aid precoated on the media, this can increase the effect of use, mission use, also enables clarity of filtrate is guaranteed.

Again, remained stable in the process of painting. If the collision and impact in this process, the protective layer of diatomaceous earth filter aid are applied very easy to fall off, can not reach the pre-coat purposes.

Because of this, the process is very important at the time to carry out this work must be careful, especially after the pre-coat thickness to have a good grasp.

Select the thickness of diatomaceous earth filter aid to achieve the goal is to make liquid insoluble impurities and particles can not penetrate the filter media. So this is diatomaceous earth filter aid to be in line with the standards, diatomaceous earth filter aid must have a certain thickness, so as to effectively prevent the contact with the medium surface impurities. Avoid porous medium surface is blocked, otherwise the media will reduce the filtering effect, the use of life will be shortened.

Finally, to maintain the pre-wet coating. If not kept moist, diatomaceous earth filter aid is very prone to drying off phenomenon, cracks through which the liquid contact surface of the medium, the gap blocking medium, then the diatomaceous earth filter aid loses its effect.

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