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What ingredients are diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth, the investment busi

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Diatomaceous earth made of diatom mud can purify the air, is a very good wall material, the diatomaceous earth is what ingredients? Here we take a look at it together.

What is the composition of diatomite

Diatomite ingredients

Diatomaceous earth is a biogenic siliceous sedimentary rock, which is mainly from the remains of the ancient composed of diatoms. Reserves of 320 million tons of diatomite, prospective reserves of 20 billion tons, mainly concentrated in eastern and northeastern regions, among the larger, more reserves of Jilin (54.8%), Zhejiang, Yunnan, Shandong, Sichuan and other provinces , although widely distributed, but focused only on high-quality soil, Jilin Changbai Mountain area. It is precisely because so complex diatomite component can not be detected by the detector is its content. At present, enterprises self-made standard content diatom mud diatomaceous earth are executed, in theory certainly diatomaceous earth content is higher, the better functionality, but the diatomite adhesion is poor, if diatomite content exceeds a certain limit, it will appear on the diatom mud wall and the powder out phenomenon, undermining the diatom mud decorative, and people's lives bring great distress. Like in the past, when a wall of mud paste done when there will always be cracks in the wet rainy weather as the walls will soften the truth.

What is the composition of diatomite

At present the industry standard proposed regulations, diatom mud products need to monitor the composition of diatomaceous earth, which is for some manufacturers even add lime powder glutinous rice powder material diatom mud, posing as diatomaceous earth to make provision, while the silicon diatomaceous earth component specific content is not clearly defined. In this regard, some experts explained that the reason there is no marked specific content, because the quality of the unit's products, if you can detect the composition of diatomaceous earth, then it said it accounted for at least 10%, which meet the basic requirements a.

The diatomaceous earth as diatom mud products in the most central part, which has a porous structure, porosity and more features, this special mineral structure determines the diatom mud has a strong breathing air permeability and adsorption. The breathing air permeability and adsorption enables the diatom mud formaldehyde and other harmful substances capable of adsorption and decomposition, and the main feature is environmentally friendly.

What is the composition of diatomite

Diatomaceous earth content, the better it

The diatom mud materials, diatomaceous earth is not the proportion as high as possible. Diatom mud is not good or bad according to the level of diatomaceous earth to judge the content, evaluation criteria are: formaldehyde purification rate, 24 hours moisture absorption, put wet 24 hours, anti-fungal properties, VOC content, bonding strength, alkali resistance and other indicators. Diatomaceous earth content is too high, the adhesive strength can not reach; diatomaceous earth content is too low suction, put wet index reach.

What is the composition of diatomite

In general, the content of diatom mud Celite between 30% -50% is normal and reasonable. However, if the content is too low will affect their diatomite functional play, when buying diatom mud how to identify how much of the content of diatomaceous earth, we recommend using the flotation method: Because porous diatomite, specific gravity lighter than water lot, we made the diatom mud finished dry sheet thrown into the water, it should be like a sponge floating in the water, and then after washing sink, if diatom mud directly into the bottom sheet, indicating silicon diatomaceous earth content is very low, there will be some impact on the diatom mud clean air functionality. This will directly into the bottom of the diatom mud Celite lower levels do not recommend buying.