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Chinese Characteristics of wastewater treated diatomaceous earth filter aid

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Of diatomaceous earth is a very rich country, currently sixty percent of the world's mined diatomite filtration materials are used for processing, most of them for the preparation of diatomaceous earth filter aid. However, because of the development and use of diatomaceous earth resources is still relatively backward, resources can not reasonably transformation.

Diatomaceous earth filter aid

The basic raw diatomaceous earth filter aid is diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth filter aid after sorting, ingredients, processing, calcination, classification process, and in the process are carried out continuously, fully enclosed processing and production of a new, highly efficient powdered filter media. Diatomaceous earth filter aid structure is very special, is a rigid lattice structure, diatomaceous earth filter aid can be filtered liquid fine particles trapped in the lattice framework, in order to achieve the effect of aid.

Diatomaceous earth filter aid sewage treatment agent of any other side effects do not occur in the sewage treatment process, since the diatomaceous earth filter aid to be able to call it environmentally friendly green products. Products for the powder, acidic nature, it is natural mineral inherent variety of performance, coupled with artificial activation, it can effectively remove all types of dirty water, debris, water purification. Various types of waste water can be more effective treatment for heavy metals, toxic, ammonia, radioactive waste and other special effects are called agents, the industry can use this pharmaceutical treatment of sewage.

Today diatomaceous earth filter aid has been used in numerous industries, with the development of science and technology, in-depth study of the physical and chemical properties of the diatomaceous earth filter aid, diatomaceous earth filter aid in the future the prospect will be even brighter. It also needs to be developed in it, it does not fully release its energy. Wait until it is completely developed properties, but also has broader applications.

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