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Diatomaceous earth for us to build green houses

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For people, the home is the most important place to rest. However, due to improper home decoration and affect people's health is reported that there are many at home and abroad. The main reason this is called chronic killer "interior decoration pollution syndrome" is produced: the continuous improvement in the residential tightness, permeability decreased, while when too many people to use a variety of interior decoration continuous release of hazardous chemicals material decorative materials, coupled with poor indoor ventilation, people living in this environment for a long time, will gradually rise to various abnormal symptoms, some of them will be very serious illness.

    In this case, many of diatomaceous earth as raw materials of the new interior decoration materials, more and more consumers. Diatomite interior material is a natural material, does not contain harmful chemicals, in addition to burn, noise, water, heat, and light weight and other characteristics, as well as dehumidification, deodorization, clean indoor air and so on, is a good eco-friendly interior decoration materials.

    Diatomaceous earth, called diatoms after the single-celled plants die after about 1-2 years of accumulation, the formation of a fossil diatom accumulation of soil. Diatoms are first appeared on earth a single-cell algae to survive in the sea or lake, the body is extremely small, usually only a few microns to tens of microns. Diatoms can carry out photosynthesis, homemade organic matter. Often at an alarming rate growth and reproduction. It remains diatomite deposits formed. It is this diatom, providing oxygen to the Earth through photosynthesis, promoting the birth of human beings, animals and plants. The main ingredient is siliceous diatomaceous earth, there are numerous surface pores can absorb decomposition odor in the air, with the humidity, deodorization function. Using diatomaceous earth as raw materials produced building materials, not only non-combustible, dehumidification, deodorization and good permeability characteristics, but also to purify the air, noise, water and heat. At present, this new building and more advantages, cost is not high, it is widely used among a variety of renovation works.

    Since the 1980s, the Japanese residential interior uses a lot of chemical substances containing many decorative materials, triggered a "interior decoration pollution syndrome" affecting some people's health. In order to mitigate the negative impact of the residential renovation brought about by the Japanese government on the one hand modification of the "Building Standards Law," strictly limit the dissemination of harmful chemicals used in the residential interior materials, and strict requirements of the interior must be equipped with mechanical ventilation equipment , mandatory ventilation. On the other hand, actively encourage and support enterprises to develop free from harmful chemicals new indoor decoration materials. Diatomaceous earth as the main raw material of all kinds of interior decoration materials came into being.

    Breathe, regulating indoor humidity

    Japan Kitami Institute of Technology's research shows that diatomaceous earth is a natural material with the diatomaceous earth material in addition to the production of interior decoration will not emit harmful chemicals to pollute the room, but also has many the improvement of the living environment. First, it can automatically adjust the indoor humidity, bring comfort to the occupants. The main component of the diatom is siliceous, with its production of wall material with super fibers, porous and other features, its fine pores charcoal also produce more than 5,000 to 6,000 times. Ultrafine pore wall material diatomite on the rise when the indoor humidity can automatically absorb moisture from the air, which was stored. If the indoor moisture in the air to reduce the humidity drops, diatomaceous earth wall material will be able to store water in ultrafine pores released.

    Secondly, diatomaceous earth wall material also has the function to eliminate odors, keep the room clean. The results show that diatomite on the market has the same effect as a deodorant. If you add a representative on the titanium oxide photocatalyst in diatoms, a composite material that can absorb and eliminate odor for a long time, break down harmful chemicals and the ability to maintain long-term clean-room wall, even if the family has a long-term smokers, the walls not yellow.

    Thirdly, the report said, diatomite decoration materials are also capable of absorbing and decomposition caused by people allergic to substances produced medical effects. Diatomite wall material to moisture absorption and release can produce waterfalls, water molecules into positive and negative ions. Water molecules are wrapped to form a group of positive and negative ions, and then with water as a carrier molecule, four floating in the air, it has a bactericidal ability. Floating in the air around the positive and negative groups encountered allergens and other bacteria, mold and other harmful substances, they can immediately be surrounded and isolated. Then, the positive and negative performance in the most active group of hydroxide ions with these harmful substances serious chemical reaction, and finally they break down into harmless water molecules and other objects.

    Cheap and varied

    Currently, diatomite decoration materials on the building materials market in Japan are mainly three categories: one containing impurities naturally dry goods and cheaper prices. The other is an ordinary kiln products. It is to use diatomaceous earth into various shapes sheet metal timber and brick, and then after firing 800 degrees Celsius, a bit like tile, prices generally. The third category is the addition of various additives kiln products. Such material is added with special high-grade products using high-quality diatomaceous earth, and add salt, soda ash or light catalyst additives, at about 1100 degrees Celsius furnace to remove organic impurities, carbon and other substances, firing into each wide variety of high-grade, diatomite ornate interior decoration materials.

    The Japanese market diatomite decoration materials, mainly wall material (sheet), paving materials, sanitary ware, ceiling materials. In the Tokyo market price of common building materials diatomite wall material for multi-¥ 2000 (l dollar about 11 yen) per square meter. Recently, some companies have developed a water-based paint diatomite, the use of such coatings to further strengthen environmental effects diatomite decoration materials.

    At the closing of October 2003, China's second session of the Green Building Expo, diatomaceous earth wall material listed in Beijing, which has inherited the new material formulations and functional interior decorative materials of traditional construction methods, the former Tau Corporation , large retailers gas chemical Company and Otsu tripartite cooperation in building materials into China. Materials of this type can effectively remove the air of free armor

Smell formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, VOC and other harmful substances as well as pet odor, smoke, garbage produced a comprehensive solution to indoor air pollution, improved indoor living environment.

    China has abundant diatomite resources

    There are more than 20 countries in the world mine output Celite. China diatomite rich mineral resources, resources of 20 million tons. By the end of 1996, 10 provinces (regions) of diatomaceous earth mineral, to maintain reserves of 390 million tons, second only to the United States, ranking second in the world. The largest number of Jilin deposit (18), reserves are up 54.8% of reserves; followed by Yunnan Province.

    Diatomaceous earth mineralization in the era of the newer ships, most buried not deep, so the main open-air mining, mining costs are lower. In addition to the cost of production is not high outside, diatomite also has easy processing, construction and convenient features.