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Technological Innovation Thinking diatomite filtration technology triggered

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Diatomaceous earth having a large specific surface and aluminum, iron, sewage purification through flocculation effect, adsorption, etc., which are widely used in the beverage industry, such as Pepsi Cola, Wahaha and beer industries, such as diatomaceous earth used in special industrial waste water, as dye wastewater and oilfield sewage treatment and waterworks city sewage treatment plant secondary sedimentation tank effluent treatment depth, etc. these application notes diatomite has good filtering.

    In the recently concluded "2009 Water Industry Advanced Technology Forum", Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University Professor Wang Kaijun of new technologies objectively, wonderful speech, in which diatomite technology as an important statement of a ring, sparking the colleagues of great interest. Celite diatomite powder microfiltration film forming technology as typical art water treatment works on the Hai Baan Co. What are the advantages? New technology enterprises in the innovation process, which has suffered the embarrassment? Answers to these questions may reflect different circumstances part of the technology companies in the innovation process encountered.

    Celite filtration may be used alone, it may be combined with other biological treatment techniques.

(Diatomite Process)

(Diatomite and other processes combined)

    The resin powder by way of hydraulics powdered diatomaceous earth or anion exchange, which was uniformly laid filter surface of the filter element as the filter medium to form a 1.5 to 3.0mm thick film, thereby entrapping suspended solids in water particles and other micro-organisms / bacteria, so that the filtered water to drinking water standards, which is on the Hai Baan technology Forum presentation of "film-forming powder microfiltration filter technology."

    Water treatment works on the Hai Baan Co. Chunlin Zhang, general manager of the technology when it comes to summarizing several advantages: First, low temperature, low turbidity water microfiltration using diatomaceous earth powder deposition technology, without adding coagulant etc., can be considered alone diatomite powder microfiltration deposition equipment to replace conventional coagulation, sedimentation, filtration technology portfolio. Turbidity less than 0.1 NTU; Secondly, micro-polluted water, improved diatomite powder microfiltration and anion resin film-forming technique can effectively remove the organic matter in the water, which reduces the water due to the trihalomethanes chlorine produced by the reaction, It has a good effect. It can be widely used in water contaminated water plant. Waterworks Reconstruction in depth processing, film-forming technique microfiltration and ultrafiltration will compete for market space technology; and finally, the film-forming powder microfiltration technology removes particles of size greater than 2μm, combined with the traditional technology and equipment, improve drinking water the quality of.

    Since there are many advantages over diatomaceous earth, then the existence of some "resistance" in the process of technology promotion it?

    Celite extended to now there is still controversy, Wang Kaijun said: "The new understanding of technology must be realistic, do not arbitrarily expand the scope of application, but also in the form of publicity should be taken to avoid" one size fits all "type of boast in front of the user to learn to say "NO"; the second, from the academic point of view, the development process of drawbacks, the use of hydraulic suspension clarify improper battery cell technology parameters, biotechnology (diatomaceous earth) mechanism is unclear and so on. "

    "Another problem is the amplification unit, particularly restrictions enlarged urban sewage problem," Wang Kaijun adds, "From this point of view of urban sewage, after mature cells, which necessarily involve a complex operation problems, in large-scale applications on larger question is bound to consider and resolve the problem. "

    "Some of the new technology in a number of issues which must be enlarged front view, a little peace of mind to," Wang Kaijun recommendation, "environmental protection industry has matured, use the data to speak."


    Diatomite filtration technology is only precipitate a new technique, 2009 Water Industry Advanced Technology Forum carefully set this unit through the tip of the iceberg that may give other companies are facing such problems or about to walk into a new technological innovation, the company offers valuable reference, to avoid detours, but also for more and better promotion of new technologies, application to open a new page.