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Chinese Which is good diatomite, diatomaceous earth content of diatom mud and di

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Now China has no liquid wallpaper, sandstone, coating materials, lacquer art production company, changed his name to all certain diatom mud, and even a lot of the production of white cement and putty powder manufacturers more called diatom mud. In the case of consumers can not defend their rights, Ji Moumou, who hosted the diatom mud association really large fortunes, the collection of contributions, has become a huge organization, or even spend money in the country's major media hype diatomite content "detectable" and continue to deceive consumers, the more consumers to buy, people suffering from malignant disease more, will produce a large number of social conflicts, intensifying doctor-patient relationship, as diatom mud inventor Mr. Xu Lian Fu recommends that national authorities modify as soon as possible "diatom mud diatomite industry standard content issues" of diatom mud, the company has a constraint to the people a healthy living space.

What is the diatom mud? Why is it called diatom mud? The reason is very simple, because the main material is diatomaceous earth, rather than plastic substances, but do not need to add photocatalyst, so called diatom clay, diatomaceous earth is fundamental, silicon shell itself has a persistent algal cells to purify the air, humidity control, sterilization and deodorization function itself does not require any additives (such as a photocatalyst). Caramel spring diatom diatomaceous earth in the cell wall of the shell by cutting-edge technology extracted, and then add the other ingredients of natural mineral formed a scientific formula to the modernization of production, processing, construction process on the formation of today's natural without gum Diatom mud.

Now, consumers in the purchase of diatom mud, diatom mud can not identify the content of diatoms, each business vary. If a vendor just add a little bit of diatomite in his production of diatom mud, diatom mud home consumers buy is not functional, poor water absorption or non-absorbent, how consumer rights? How to protect consumers' health? regardless of anywhere to Chinese quality inspection departments, diatom cell is a certain "detectable", because the manufacturers in the production diatom mud added into a diatomaceous earth, under a microscope, the inevitable "detectable" If consumer rights, the inevitable result of the lawsuit is to win the manufacturers, and consumers are being harmed and ignorance of construction workers, the introduction of this poor "industry standard" of protection for all is a major production of diatom mud practitioners.

Linjiang Dahua diatomite Mobile: 13943983955 Tel: 0439-5261777 owned diatomite clay reserves of over 10 million tons, the exploitation of the design capacity of 100,000 tons. Products are diatomaceous earth filter aid, diatomaceous earth adsorbent, diatomite functional filler, casting mold release agents, matting agents diatomite, diatom mud materials, pesticide carrier, etc.