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Diatomite discolored use

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Diatomaceous earth decolorization

Diatomite is a very versatile adsorbents and filter aid, widely used in the food industry, petroleum industry and chemical industry. Plus diatomaceous earth filter is to create high-quality products, a very important part. For example, beer, wine and fruit wine, vegetable oil, and a variety of petroleum products, the application must be filtered through Celite to obtain a clear and transparent liquid. Many high-purity crystalline food (e.g. glucose), and chemical products, but also the solution prior to crystallization to obtain a clear solution was filtered through Celite.



Filtration is a very common physical treatment, for removing insoluble materials in liquid. Since the liquid solid matter is often some of the fine particles, amorphous, sticky soft, easy to plug the perforations cloth material, such as a separate filter, often appear difficult filtration, and the filtrate is unclear, can not form a residue layer (only on the surface of the cloth on the formation of some slurry) and other issues, in fact, can not be applied. Filter aid was added to the solution, or on the surface of the cloth previously coated with a filter aid, can significantly improve the situation, filtration speed, clear filtrate, residues more closely and be able to come off the cloth. A variety of the industry's most commonly used filter aid is diatomaceous earth.

Bleaching agent

In certain situations was filtered through celite, and also activated carbon was added to the solution while the colored substance and other adverse effects on the quality of the material removed by adsorption. Domestic senior beverage plants, the use of sucrose is first dissolved into a 50% to 55% concentration of activated charcoal was added and processing of diatomaceous earth (the amount of sugar each ratio is 0.2 to 0.3%), stirred for 10 to 15 minutes after fine filter, in order to achieve complete clear requirements, and then clear the sugar used in the preparation of soft drinks and other beverages.

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