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Diatomite matting agents, household tips six diatomite

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Diatomite matting agents, household tips FIG six diatom

1. diatom mud wall material is similar to the activated carbon thing? On physical adsorption diatom mud wall material, the adsorption principle of both is the same, however, the role of adsorption diatom mud wall material is far greater than the activated carbon adsorption unit volume diatom mud wall material 5000-6000 is the unit volume of activated carbon times, and, after the diatom mud wall material sucked in can be broken, but the activated carbon, it can not only suck decomposition (need sun exposure can only release formaldehyde) on this level, , both of them are not the same.

2. The price is not expensive? Diatom mud using cost-per-higher level needs 2-3 100 million, but the life of more than 20 years in the 20 years to paint coated 4 times ,, spent about 2.2-2.7 million; the Wallpapers To replace five times, spend about 50,000-60,000; and by professionals diatom mud construction, labor and materials, quick quick, clean functional excellence, than the wall material in a variety of home improvement Ingredients, excipients and after the completion of phase purification to taste and life overall spending than even slightly lower. The main thing is repeated pollution.

3. diatom mud can be used in any place? Diatom mud can be used in the bedroom, living room, dining room, study and other interior walls. Not only diatom mud itself does not contain any harmful substances, can also absorb harmful gases in the air, it is a new type of indoor environmental protection wall material. Products selected diatom diatomaceous earth materials is the best, its adsorption is the same brand the strongest and eliminate harmful gases. To you and your family can sleep health and safety, we recommend that you preferred diatom mud bedroom.

4. diatom mud wall a long time will not be dirty? Why Wall fallout it? In general, the wall is due to dust walls and air friction, static electricity, due to static electricity, will be floated in space dust adsorbed on the wall, so as to produce a wall of dust. Organic Wall materials, such as paint, wallpaper, etc., it is easy to generate static electricity and air, resulting fallout. However, diatom mud wall material is part of an inorganic material, so it is not easy to produce dust first, so, diatom mud walls very good care of.

5. Add Celite diatomaceous earth wall material is not facing cement mortar in the ash it? On the surface texture point of view, you are not different. Burner with guns do not smoke, no smell; if water will absorb water. In fact, rarely use diatomaceous earth wall material made of cement-solidified material. Cement is hydraulic material in the water can be cured, if cured material made of cement, construction on the show, mixing good material must be used immediately, 3,4 hours is not the case, we must destroy. Under dry state, the retention time is shorter. If you add a little cement, reach the purpose of curing, water resistance is poor.

6. before construction diatom mud walls, how the substrate processing? What can wall construction? We substrate requirements are smooth, clean, dry and free of cracks. Diatom mud flat substrate processing do a cast, painted white surface normal, then lay the sandpaper leveling, color should be uniform, in order to dry after construction. Blockboard case before brushing a layer of base oil (base oil or Shuijingjiao), so as not to return color.

If you add more cement, curing may be no problem, but the construction of a problem, to solve the workability may have to add the resin, the water-absorbent wall material diatomite again reduced. In short, do cement solidification material diatomite wall material, there are many technical problems. As consumers in the purchase of diatomaceous earth wall material, construction precautions to ask if there is to be spent within a few hours suggest that in general, this diatomaceous earth wall material contained in the cement. In addition, the use of cement cured diatomite wall material, then add water ratio is very low. Diatomaceous earth wall material added to water ratio is generally greater than 0.8.

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