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Diatomaceous earth construction industry is a major technological

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On Chinese decoration materials market come to the fore a variety of excellent diatom mud brand, product main raw materials are superior quality diatomite, diatom mud as the industry's top ten brands of diatom mud business, it is relying on the easy transportation and best location, lock Jilin a diatom mineral soil, to create the most excellent quality diatom mud products.

Diatomite is sophisticated and non-renewable natural inorganic minerals, early for plasma filtration, sterilization, beer filtration, an important aviation industry wall, the disposal of nuclear waste, plays an irreplaceable role. Diatomite is "diatom" death remains deposited and subjected to certain conditions

Rock diatom communities geological changes over time and mineralization, which is truly the cradle of life on Earth, is the predecessor of diatom mud, is a major technological diatomaceous earth used in the construction industry, domestic households bring "green wave."

Wall materials provided with environmentally friendly products diatom mud to build out the interior walls, can skillfully exclusively era artistic and spiritual nature exudes a combination of factors, the natural elements, traditional culture, and so on into the beautiful meaning of diatoms mud process, to create a different style of

Art texture, vivid patterns, unique beautiful shape .......

From the overall design of modern interior decoration style departure, let home diatom mud wall art collection, creativity and functionality in one. In addition, the diatom mud pregnant with special "molecular sieves" structure, under an electron microscope showing a large area of dense ultra-fine pores, this void content even exceed the same proportion of activated carbon adsorption strength of 5000 or more.