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The role of China diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth filter aid, diatomaceou

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The role of China diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth filter aid, diatomaceous earth

(1) health and environmental protection. Due to its physical and chemical properties, non-toxic diatom mud itself, the construction process and not after evaporation of harmful substances, is non-toxic and environmentally safe products.

(2) breathing the humidity. Diatomite wall material with super fibers, porous and other characteristics, in the indoor humidity rises, AMD on the pore wall material diatomite can automatically absorb moisture in the air, which was stored. If the moisture in the air to reduce the indoor humidity drops, diatomaceous earth wall material can be stored in ultra-fine pores of the moisture released, adjust the indoor humidity.

(3) eliminate odor adsorption of formaldehyde. Diatomaceous earth wall material also has the function to eliminate odors, keep indoor air clean. If you add titanium oxide diatomite composite material, it is possible for a long time and eliminate odor absorption, decomposition of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, and the ability to maintain long-term clean-room wall, even if there are smokers in the house, the walls will not yellow. Diatomite decoration materials can also absorb and break down substances cause human allergies, medical functions.

(4) disinfection. Diatomite decoration materials in addition to not emit harmful chemicals, there is improvement of the living environment, diatomite wall material to absorb and release moisture to produce waterfalls, water molecules into positive and negative ions. Positive and negative groups four floating in the air, there are disinfection. Floating in the air around the positive and negative groups encountered allergens and other bacteria, mold and other harmful substances, they can immediately be surrounded and isolated. Then, the positive and negative performance in the most active group of hydroxide ions with these harmful substances serious chemical reaction, and finally they break down into harmless water molecules and other objects.

(5) acoustic noise reduction. The most common sound-absorbing material is a porous material, which is sound waves entering the mechanism occurs after the sound absorbing material in the microporous friction energy consumed sound; sound waves passed when coated to the wall of the diatom clay, in porous molecular constantly extend and weakens, reducing noise and interior. As many hospitals, KTV boxes and other options using diatom mud wall material.

(6) self-cleaning wall. Wall hanging dust is generally due to the air too dry, dust caused by carrying electrostatic adsorption. Diatom mud due to air humidity has a good role in regulating the balance, the wall material surface is hydrophilic, can effectively reduce the phenomenon of static electricity, so compared with other materials, finishes, diatom mud walls is not easy to hang more dust, it has a certain self cleaning function.

(7) fire retardant. Diatom mud is composed of an inorganic material, and therefore does not burn, even if the fire, it will not emerge any harmful fumes. When the temperature rises to 1300 degrees Celsius, diatom mud just appeared in a molten state, but does not produce smoke, fire, maximize the protection of family life.

(8) adjust the light. Different texture patterns, different colors and materials in the light-absorbing substance has changed the reflected light, refraction, reduce light pollution. Warm pastel colors make the space environment more harmonious and elegant.

(9) insulation moisture. More porous inorganic mineral composition, low thermal conductivity, determines the effect of the wall has a thermal insulation.

(10) plasticity, artistic strong. Diatom mud powder, add water and stir into the mud, using different construction methods and construction tools, combined with people's imagination, can create Carpenter texture rich, thick texture finishes effect, has a strong artistic appeal. Eco-friendly and is set in one of the art form ideal wall decoration materials.

In addition, the diatom mud of life for more than 20 years, do not fade, do not fall off, cracking, oxidation resistance, and always as new. Diatom mud, not only can be used for decorative backdrop, it is important to use as bedroom, living room, office, etc. in a long time living space; diatomaceous earth wall material is dry state, only need to add water when used with a stirring gun stirring evenly, easy to operate; diatomite wall material can be applied directly in many base surface, such as mortar, cement, wood, gypsum board, provided only to deal with the grassroots, such as repair, cleaning, brushing sealers, etc., wide range of applications.

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