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Japan's domestic diatom mud always reasons not to lose

 Release time: 2016-04-25  Click: times

Domestic diatom mud quality is not lost popularity in Japan is not a problem. According to reports, diatom mud on the market now is the fire, but few people know diatom mud originally Japanese invention. Japan is in the humid marine climate of the island country, especially in the summer under its stifling humidity and high winter cold effects of high humidity, in order to effectively improve the living environment beneficial to human health and comfort index, since the last century to the late 1980s the early 1990s, there has been a "breathing, you can adjust the indoor humidity, air purification" for the concept of functional new materials decorative materials decoration in the Japanese market. Come out of this material, it sparked widespread concern, so the diatom mud wall material began to become popular.

Diatom mud in 2003 after the introduction of China, the rapid development, now has become one of the wallpaper, paint three equal shares of the wall material. can

In order to do comparison, we deliberately chose two diatom mud-selling product from the market, domestic and diatom mud diatom mud a Japanese brand. Both products are in line with national standards, the Japanese standards slightly higher. Here, we compare the natural, functionality, effectiveness aspects.

1, the product of natural sex

Diatom mud solidified material points latex resin and natural materials, the resin enables the gap blockage diatomite, diatom mud greatly affect respiratory function. Japan solidified material diatom mud multi-resin-based, but advanced technology, small diatom mud on the respiration; the domestic use of natural materials to make their own environmental and diatom mud functionality are greatly improved .

2, air purification, decomposition of formaldehyde effect

Japan diatom mud decomposition of formaldehyde, air purification technology mainly negative ion ore, proved effective removal of formaldehyde, but oxygen anions in Japan was criticized as pseudo-science, the actual effect is to be tested. Domestic algae mud using the latest nano-technology, not only the effectiveness of diatom mud, timeliness greatly improved, can more completely remove formaldehyde.

3, the construction texture effect

Diatom mud diatomite void respiratory function is to determine the physical basis, the more fluffy, larger specific surface area, the more smooth void; closed flat after being pressed, the specific surface area decreases, part of the gap will be blocked, diatom mud respiratory function will also be affected. Japan's natural texture effect, rough mad, random-based, Chinese people pay attention to the fine, in order to make the rules of the sand after closing level texture-based, but domestically through process innovation, so mix and match a variety of texture, not only beautiful style , richer form of expression, but also to maximize the retention of the natural characteristics of diatomite.

Through the above comparison can be seen, the indicators of domestic diatom mud diatom mud Japanese do not lose more.

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