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Role diatom mud materials, diatomaceous earth

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Since diatomite has some unique properties, such as: porosity, low density, large specific surface area, the relative incompressibility and chemical stability, it has a strong adsorption ability to store moisture. Because of its natural three-dimensional porous structure, so some of the gas is also a good adsorption characteristics. After the adoption of the original soil crushing, sorting, calcination, air classification, to the miscellaneous other machining processes alter the distribution of particle size and surface properties thereof, applicable to all industries a variety of requirements. Its main use in the following areas.


It can be used as insulation material:

Such as boilers, distillation, heat treatment furnace, dryer and lightweight insulation board insulation materials, insulation bricks, insulation, etc., with high porosity, bulk density of small, insulation, insulation, non-combustible, sound insulation, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, Wide range of applications.

It can be used as fillers:

Such as glass, steel, rubber, plastic filler, can significantly enhance the products and hardness of steel to improve heat resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging properties of products, significantly reduce costs; as filler paper, paper can be improved opacity and brightness improve smoothness and print quality, reduce paper stretching caused by humidity; fillers such as cement, used in the preparation of high-silica Portland cement, to improve the fluidity and plasticity of concrete, improve product wear and corrosion resistance; such as pavement and asphalt waterproofing membrane of high filler content, can effectively solve the weeping and squeeze pulp phenomenon, improve skid resistance, abrasion resistance, compressive strength, resistance to etching capability, greatly improve the use of life.

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