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Diatomaceous earth, is known as diatoms, single-celled plants wreckage deposition formation. This diatom is unique in that can absorb water to form free silicon cell wall components, when deposited to the bottom end of their life, through the accumulation of tens of thousands of years or so, under certain geological conditions formation of diatomite deposit . Diatoms are one of protists first appeared on Earth, to survive in the sea or lake.

Diatomite is a siliceous rock, mainly composed of silica, usually more than 80%, up to 94%. Most of diatomaceous earth is amorphous silica, alkali-soluble silicate content of 50 to 80%. Amorphous silica was heated to 800 ~ 1000 ° C turns crystalline, alkali-soluble silicate can be reduced to 20 to 30%.

Natural diatomaceous earth color is white, gray, light gray and taupe, etc., there are delicate, loose, light, porous, absorbent and strong penetration properties. Which are high-quality color white, high SiO2 content. Colorless transparent monomer diatoms, diatomaceous earth colors depending clay minerals and organic matter, different mineral resources diatomaceous earth elements.

Celite density 1.9-2.3g / cm3, a bulk density of 0.34-0.65g / cm3, specific surface area of 40-65m / g, a pore volume 0.45-0.98m, water absorption is 2-4 times its own volume, mp 1650C- 1750 deg.] C, under the electron microscope can observe the particular porous structure, multiple levels, a large number of micropores ordered arrangement, a disk-like shape, acicular, cylindrical, feathery like. This microporous structure is diatomaceous earth having a characteristic physicochemical properties causes.

Diatomite chemical composition is mainly SiO2, contain small amounts of Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, etc., and organic matter. Wherein SiO2 is chemically stable, non-toxic. Has a strong adsorption capacity, it is 5000-6000 times the pore structure of activated carbon, capable of adsorbing store moisture, can absorb 1.5-4 times its own weight of water, is the heat, electricity, sound poor conductor.

Diatomaceous earth mainly in China, the US, Denmark, France, Romania, Russia and other countries. Reserves of 320 million tons of diatomite, prospective reserves of 20 billion tons, mainly concentrated in eastern and northeastern regions, where the larger Jilin, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Shandong, Sichuan and other provinces, although widely distributed, but the quality of soil only focus on Jilin Changbai, Yunnan diatomite mining, resources are particularly rich; most other deposits in the soil grade 3 to 4 due to high impurity content, not directly deep processing.

Linjiang Dahua diatomite Mobile: 13943983955 Tel: 0439-5261777 owned diatomite clay reserves of over 10 million tons, the exploitation of the design capacity of 100,000 tons. Products are diatomaceous earth filter aid, diatomaceous earth adsorbent, diatomite functional filler, casting mold release agents, matting agents diatomite, diatom mud materials, pesticide carrier, etc.