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Diatom mud have three characteristics

 Release time: 2016-04-25  Click: times

1. environmental protection

Diatom mud "diatom" refers to the main component of diatomaceous earth, and diatomaceous earth is almost no adhesion, so stir into the mud wall decor must add a binder. Mention adhesive, our first thought is glue, tape over the years to give people the harm can be described as people "talk about the mere mention of glue" again! In fact, gum nothing to fear, for example, chewing gum is not it, is a plant plastic; clay is not glue it, mineral rubber; oak bark after being cut out of the liquid is not glue it, the resin adhesive. "Glue" There is both broad and narrow definitions, from a broad perspective, any objects with adhesive glue are we "talk about the mere mention of glue" in the "glue" is the narrow category of chemical glue: formaldehyde glue benzene, such as plastic, rubber why people use these chemicals, such as paint, furniture, plates, wallpaper, etc., because they have a strong chemical glue binding capacity. Diatom mud wall material to abandon the traditional chemical adhesive glue, diatom mud, "no glue on the wall" in the gum refers to chemical glue. So, what diatom mud Adhesive is it? Mineral gum, vegetable gums, gum resins and lime, to the natural environmental protection non-toxic formaldehyde zero zero pollution.

The real reason is called diatom mud, "mud", we must have the characteristics of the mud, but also gave up the intensity of chemical bonding glue. We think those rural areas where the soil, dried hardness is sufficient, but after showing a fine rain and soft state, which is diatom mud, "reduced to mud" features. The nature of the soil and the characteristics of the human body fluid state has emerged as a weak base. Therefore, the "natural weak base" and "reduced to mud" are two really important symbol of environmental protection diatom mud.

2. Functional

Important components of diatomite diatom mud, are unicellular algae millions of years ago in the course of life, constantly absorbing silica deposition in the cell wall, so called diatoms. After the death of the seabed or lake sedimentary diatom after decay, but the pore-like cell wall to be preserved, the remains were wrapped in volcanic ash, then squeeze after changes in the crust formed diatomite mine, put this ore roasting or be fired after removal of impurities, forming a more than 5000-fold higher than the activated carbon surface area than the long and short form, texture soft diatomite, diatom mud is the use of such a zeolite pore structure has a strong adsorption capacity, can absorb because decoration pollution caused by formaldehyde, benzene, radon, ammonia, TVOC and other harmful gases, and through the "class photosynthesis" steady stream of decomposition photocatalyst to purify indoor air and the smell of purpose; it can absorb and release water molecules reach regulation of indoor humidity; diatomite rich natural photocatalytic reaction can be carried out electrolysis of water molecules, releasing large amounts of beneficial to human body, "air vitamin" anion, beneficial to human health.

So, clean the air, release negative ions, breathing the humidity is really identifies three major diatom mud functionality.

3. Decorative

People choose diatom mud natural environment and its purification, while the ultimate goal is a home decoration, so that the diatom mud decorative also extremely important! Diatom mud mixed with water will be showing a state of mud, plasticity strong hand can make a variety of textures, colors, not only can make a smooth sense of latex paint, wallpaper and flowers can be made to the process, it may be made of sandstone, mortar, coarse texture texture to the 21st century decoration master of wall material, which is popular diatom mud industry an important factor.

Diatom mud decorative features, we have to emphasize the color of diatom mud, diatom mud taken from nature, people expect more diatom mud the color of nature also brought home. Diatom mud construction process almost little difference for each brand, depending on the details of construction and proficiency master, and diatom mud color can not be copied, color and construction at the same time determine the diatom mud decorative. Secondly, diatom mud dusting problem is also its decorative important factor. The real diatom mud powder out it? The answer is clearly no, if the powder out, dust may enter the human body's respiratory health hazard. Diatom mud powder out mainly in the elastic coating process, and the powder out one product failure caused by: adhesive bonding because of the limited degree of real diatom mud used, but should be a "compound mineral binder component" , the adhesive properties of each mineral binder to maximize complementarity in order to achieve high levels of celite not from powder state, which is a higher level of technology to be able to achieve; the second is caused by substandard construction : the blind pursuit of the construction area, the high proportion of water can also lead off the powder; part of the received light is not in place, Periophthalmus pop dots easily broken cause the powder out phenomenon. Therefore, the quality must be high diatom mud content is not dusting of diatomaceous earth, which is the core technology.

Diatom mud domestic market more chaotic, low technology threshold, many brands, giving consumers choice caused some obstacles. But as long as we firmly grasp the diatom mud of the three basic features: environmental protection, functional, decorative and verified one by one, indispensable, do not just focus on one aspect, you will be able to choose the real diatom mud.