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Diatomite added to paint what are the benefits?

 Release time: 2016-04-25  Click: times

Added to the coating using diatomaceous earth for extinction and odor absorption, has been applied for many years in foreign countries, domestic enterprises have gradually realized that diatomite and diatom mud coating applied to the outstanding performance.

Indoor and outdoor paint with diatomite production decoration materials, in addition to not emit harmful chemicals, there is action to improve the living environment of diatom mud.

First, it can automatically adjust the indoor humidity. The main ingredient is siliceous diatomaceous earth, with its production of indoor and outdoor paint, wall materials with ultra fiber, porous and other features, its ultrafine pores charcoal also produce more than 5,000 to 6,000 times. When the indoor humidity rises, ultrafine pore wall material diatomite on automatically absorb moisture in the air, which was stored. If the moisture in the air to reduce the indoor humidity drops, diatomaceous earth wall material can be stored in ultra-fine pores of the moisture released.

Secondly, diatomaceous earth wall material also has the function to eliminate odors, keep the room clean. Research and experimental results show that diatomite can play the role of deodorant. If you add titanium oxide diatomite composite material, it is possible for a long time to eliminate odors and absorb, decompose harmful chemical substances, and the ability to maintain long-term clean-room wall, even if there are smokers in the house, the walls will not yellow.

Diatomite functional filler

Thirdly, the report said, diatomite decoration materials are also capable of absorbing and decomposition caused by people allergic to substances produced medical effects. Diatomite wall material to moisture absorption and release can produce waterfalls, water molecules into positive and negative ions. Water molecules are wrapped to form a group of positive and negative ions, and then with water as a carrier molecule, four floating in the air, it has a bactericidal ability. Floating in the air around the positive and negative groups encountered allergens and other bacteria, mold and other harmful substances, they can immediately be surrounded and isolated. Then, the positive and negative performance in the most active group of hydroxide ions with these harmful substances serious chemical reaction, and finally they break down into harmless water molecules and other objects.

Diatomite indoor and outdoor paint, decoration materials can also absorb and break down substances cause human allergies, medical functions. Diatomite wall material to absorb and release moisture to produce waterfalls, water molecules into positive and negative ions. Positive and negative groups four floating in the air, there are disinfection.

In recent years, many new diatomaceous earth as raw material indoor and outdoor paint, decoration materials, at home and abroad more and more consumers. In China is a potential development diatomite indoor and outdoor paint a natural material does not contain harmful chemicals, in addition to burn, noise, water, heat, and light weight and other characteristics, as well as dehumidification, deodorization, purification indoor air and so on, is an excellent environmentally friendly interior and exterior decoration materials.

After adding Celite Diatomite paint, with large porosity, strong absorption, chemical stability, wear resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics, can provide excellent surface properties of the coatings, compatibilization, thickening and improve adhesion. Because of its large pore volume, shorten the drying time makes the coating. It can also reduce the amount of resin and reduce costs. The product is considered a good cost-effective and efficient coating matting products, has now been numerous large international paint manufacturer as the designated products, widely used in diatom mud, paint, interior and exterior paint, alkyd resin paints and polyester paint and other coating systems, especially for the production of architectural coatings. Application of coatings, paints, can balance control coating surface gloss coating increases wear resistance and scratch resistance, dehumidification, deodorization, but also purify the air, noise, water and heat insulation, permeability good.