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Diatomite fillers work performance, discover the true value of diatom mud

 Release time: 2016-04-25  Click: times

Diatomaceous earth, this is the diatom biological remains. Diatoms are very tiny algae, abundant in nature, under certain special conditions will be enriched up their remains, on the same soil macro material natural deposition.

Diatoms diatoms was called because it is the main component of the shell is silicon dioxide, the main material is the window of your home. Its hard texture, so different from the ordinary biological remains deposited, diatomaceous earth itself is porous sparse structure, has the potential to be physically adsorbed species.

Diatomaceous earth because of their special physical properties have long been widely used. Ordinary civilian explosives (certainly not the kind of civilian home, but that's what industrial production, non-weapon) when originally invented dynamite Nobel grandfather form is diatomaceous earth, because of the porous structure of diatomite effective absorption of fixed Nitroglycerin. Species of plants will not have people unfamiliar diatomite, diatomite diatomite box for early production of flower arrangements and other uses. Aquarium plus oxygen are often used diatomite box inserted in the trachea of the water was served atomizing air flow. Chemical substances are often used to adsorb to handle or save diatomaceous earth.

In addition to absorption features diatom mud known outside its home improvement our lives which also has a critical influence and role? Kankan followed a look at it!

1, wet areas moisture, put wet and dry areas. When the air is humid, diatom mud can absorb moisture from the air, reducing humidity. When the air is dry, spray against the wall, the water vapor will quickly translate into increased indoor humidity. Because the porous nature, like a sponge, water and more time can be out of water, less water when inhaled.

2, inhibit the growth of mold. Mold growth is the need to support water, with more wall wall mildew residue out of water related. But because it can absorb diatom mud wall out of water, it can effectively inhibit mold. From the material terms of diatom mud inorganic material is also better than organic latex paint, wallpaper glue, etc. less prone to mildew.

3, no static, no dust absorption. Diatom mud water breathing is a dynamic equilibrium, the surface has been breathing vapor will form a waterfall effect (it will also have negative ions), which causes the charge can not be retained. Dust floating in the air is not "down" on the wall, but by electrostatic adsorption "stick" to the wall, if not static, the dust is naturally nonstick.

4, heat insulation. And the thickness of the porous nature of the decision, diatom mud paint and wallpaper to more than thermal and acoustic insulation.

5, fire retardant. Inorganic material, something like stone, how organic materials so lively, so long nature did not oxidized, it is the natural fire barrier. Say one more thing, a lot of people think that even if there is a fire subjective furniture are generally those that would be more dangerous, in fact, the wall is a big risk - think big pants Lantern fire it!

6, plasticity, can draw complex patterns and textures in the craft clever master of skilled workers. Meanwhile, natural inorganic materials are also largely avoided the situation of excessive formaldehyde wall material caused.