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Research Status diatomite resources

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Diatomite resource utilization

Foreign applications, due to the different diatomite unique micro structure such that in many areas of building materials, chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection, food, high-tech and other fields have broad application. Foreign main application performance in the building materials, fire-resistant, carriers, fillers, etc., in Japan to develop applications achieved good results in the new building. Preparation of co-agent, consider using the micro-structure to help prepare various agents consider it fully embodies the characteristics of the micro-structure of diatomite. Diatomaceous earth powder with a liquid product may be considered solid particles, suspended solids bacterial agent, played consider clearing, purification of the liquid. Mainly used in beer, medicines, water purification misplaced, organic paints, acids, spices, sugar, paper, pharmaceutical and other fields.

    Preparation of the catalyst and porous glass, due to the linear diatomite diatoms have very large internal surface, often as a catalyst used in industry, and with good results. The use of diatomaceous earth to produce porous glass has good prospects for development. It is expected as a new molecular sieve materials can be used in high-tech fields of the future. Preparation of building materials and thermal insulation materials.

Preparation of refractory insulation, studies have pointed out, diatomite heat treatment 900 ℃ to 1200 ℃ will make the amorphous SiO2 converted to cristobalite. Studies have also indicated that heat treatment of 900 ℃, can still maintain the amorphous state. In the following 900 ℃ is the best choice for insulation refractories. Preparation of antibacterial and antifungal agents use diatomite adsorption characteristics antibacterial and antifungal agent preparation. This is one of the applications of diatomite, having ecological effects. People can now use high-tech means to diatomaceous earth as the carrier prepared a more efficient type of diatomaceous earth functional materials antibacterial and antifungal. Preparation of the coating and decorative materials, because the main ingredient is siliceous diatomaceous earth, it can automatically adjust the indoor temperature. If you add titanium oxide diatomite composite material, it is possible for a long time and absorb odor removal, decomposition of harmful substances, can keep the indoor clean and tidy, even smoking at home, the walls will not yellow. Diatomaceous earth can absorb indoor and decomposition cause people allergic substances, have better health care function; diatomaceous earth made of decorative materials can absorb and release moisture to produce a waterfall effect, bactericidal effect. Paints and decorative materials made of diatomaceous earth can control the surface gloss coating, the coating increases wear resistance and scratch resistance, with dehumidification, deodorization, but also purify the air, noise, water and heat insulation Features.

    Preparation of filler

The so-called filler, refers to a material or to add diatomite products to improve its performance improved, it is also called functional materials. Foreign diatomite filler consumption accounts for about 21% to 23% of diatomaceous earth products, the United States consumption showed a slow downward trend, annual production of about 10 million tons; German production of paints, fillers, explosives absorbers per year Number 50% tons, accounting for annual production. Domestic applications, taking into account co-agent product development because diatomite some toxic, radioactive better absorption, can be used to treat industrial toxic waste and nuclear waste in the important metal, is considered the best production co-agent select. China will use in food brewing, pharmaceutical, oil, chemicals and sewage treatment and other departments; Mianyang as "Asia-Pacific Beer Group" with a diatomaceous earth filter aid perlite filter aid can be complex to use, it has received very good effect. Diatomaceous earth filter aid due to our production capacity, recovery and other aspects of usage than the end. Currently, the main problem is the diatomaceous earth filter aid recycling difficult, causing secondary pollution.

Development of fillers and coating products, due to its special chemical composition of diatomite, crystal structure, particle shape, surface properties and other characteristics, China now has its field of plastics and rubber are widely used spices high poly-inorganic composite material.