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Riverside diatom mud raw materials: diatomite change "gold"

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As early as 2006, the Jilin Provincial Government approved the establishment of diatomite Linjiang Industrial Zone, has proven reserves of 200 million tons of diatomite, reserves ranking first in Asia, the world's first grade, Riverside municipal government optimistic about their own resources, we should fight the Riverside "Chinese diatomite are."

    Linjiang Dahua diatomite Mobile: 13943983955 Tel: 0439-5261777 owned diatomite clay reserves of over 10 million tons, the exploitation of the design capacity of 100,000 tons. Products are diatomaceous earth filter aid, diatomaceous earth adsorbent, diatomite functional filler, casting mold release agents, matting agents diatomite, diatom mud materials, pesticide carrier.

Aiming Celite

Diatomaceous earth economic dominance Riverside, Riverside Riverside office based economic development services, in-depth investigation, the final aim diatomaceous earth. In order to go abroad diatomaceous earth, diatomite Riverside office conscientiously carry out the export risk analysis, collect foreign diatomite standards, self-control from the diatomite production enterprises, diatomite characteristics, foreign technical regulations and other multiple factors as the starting point, grasp the export diatomite risk points, risk assessment point of quality control, risk analysis on the basis of regulation to promote innovation.

Diatomaceous earth export enterprises full implementation of the export of industrial products category management, determined according to the different levels of regulation and product risk level enterprises. The regulatory process in a prominent position, through a comprehensive grasp of diatomaceous earth material focus of physical and chemical indicators, diatomite learned of arsenic and lead are the key points of quality control. Export tests found arsenic and lead in the case, it is not simply judged qualified and unqualified, but with the companies jointly analyze the causes, identify problems arising links, guide enterprises to quality control.

Learn from a large number of producers of raw materials and finished products inspection data inspection data in the basic situation of harmful elements, harmful elements grasp differences between enterprises, scientific analysis of the quality of the finished product to achieve the scientific supervision and reduce the cost of regulation to facilitate the business into Export.

Explore accredited third-party laboratory test results, in carrying out the third party accredited laboratory quality assessment on the basis of actively explore the accredited third party laboratory results, improve efficiency, enhance quality.

To build a new platform

In 2012, diatomaceous earth filter aid as a food additive is a statutory inspection. To ensure the quality and safety of export products, Riverside visited enterprises do much research, I learned a long time diatomite sample testing business has been very distressing thing, Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center of Jilin sent from the sample, the test results to be the fastest 10 days, the slowest to wait a month long wait to the enterprise caused great inconvenience. To improve the efficiency of customs clearance, import and export enterprises help improve the level of service of local export-oriented economic development, Riverside do apply for the preparation Celite testing laboratories approved by the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Jilin, and put into equipment and infrastructure reconstruction funds, in 2014 late last year, we completed the laboratory construction, testing time is reduced to 3 to 4 days to carry out both inspection and quarantine technology, and convenient to the enterprise.

"Inspection and Quarantine of Riverside diatomite industry support too, you participated in the provincial inspection center building, to help companies improve quality, boost exports, and diatomaceous earth can become a pillar industry of the characteristics Riverside, inspection and quarantine of people can not do without wisdom and sweat. "Linjiang Linjiang office of mayor Liubao Fang diatomite testing laboratory gave a high evaluation, and proposed to the Riverside office-based testing laboratory diatomite, diatomite products build Jilin imagine quality supervision and inspection Center.

Riverside Riverside Municipal Office attaches great importance to the views and timely referrals Jilin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau leadership, has been the strong support of the provincial bureau. Jilin Linjiang Board requested the Office to this work as an important measure to support local economic development and realistically do a good job and achieve tangible results; as a implementation of the "Quality and Technical Supervision in Jilin, Jilin Province Exit Inspection and Quarantine on Deepening Quality cooperation service Jilin revitalize the opinions "of the specific content, and actively support local economic development.

Currently, the Riverside office currently has a world-class laboratory testing equipment, is CNAS accredited laboratory, relatively strong corporate laboratory testing capabilities, quality control of diatomaceous earth is a supplement that will boost Riverside diatomite industry development of.