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Diatom mud raw materials: the magic of diatomaceous earth, but also the original

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     As we all know, the main material diatom mud as diatomaceous earth, the widespread application of environmentally friendly materials, not only in the field of decoration, all walks of life, there are diatomaceous earth active figure.

     Linjiang Dahua diatomite Mobile: 13943983955 Tel: 0439-5261777 owned diatomite clay reserves of over 10 million tons, the exploitation of the design capacity of 100,000 tons. Products are diatomaceous earth filter aid, diatomaceous earth adsorbent, diatomite functional filler, casting mold release agents, matting agents diatomite, diatom mud materials, pesticide carrier.



Diatomite is a siliceous rock, mainly in China, the US, Denmark, France, Romania and other countries. It is a biogenic siliceous sedimentary rock, which is mainly from the remains of the ancient composed of diatoms. The chemical composition of SiO2-based, available SiO2 · nH2O said mineral composition opal and its variants.

Reserves of 320 million tons of diatomite, prospective reserves of 20 billion tons, mainly concentrated in eastern and northeastern regions, among the larger, more reserves of Jilin, and most other deposits in the soil 3 to 4 grade, due to impurities content, not directly deep processing.

Compound fertilizer industry: fruit, vegetables, flowers and other crop fertilizer.

Advantages: strong adsorption properties, light weight, uniform fineness, PH value neutral, non-toxic, mixing uniformity. Diatomite may become efficient fertilizer to promote the growth of crops, soil and other aspects of the role.

Building insulation industry: roof insulation, insulation bricks, calcium silicate insulation materials, porous briquette furnace noise insulation fire decorative panels insulation, insulation, insulation materials, wall insulation decorative plates, tiles, ceramics, etc. ;

Advantages: can significantly enhance the rigidity and strength of the product, sedimentation volume of 95%, and improve product heat, wear, thermal insulation, anti-aging effects of chemical properties.

Plastics industry: life plastic products, plastic building products, agricultural plastic, plastic windows and doors, all kinds of plastic pipe, light and heavy industries other plastic products.

Advantages: excellent stretch resistance, has high impact strength, tensile strength, tear strength, lightweight soft mill good, good compressive strength and other aspects of quality role.

Paper: office paper, industrial paper and other paper;

Advantages: light, soft physique, fineness of 120 mesh to 1200 mesh range, diatomaceous earth was added to make the paper smooth, light weight, high strength, reduce humidity changes caused by stretching in the cigarette paper can be adjusted burn rate, no any toxic side effects, the paper can improve the clarity of filtrate, and filtration rate accelerated.

Feed industry: pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, birds, fish and other feed additives.

Advantages: PH value neutral, non-toxic, diatomaceous earth ore has a unique pore structure, light weight soft, porosity, strong adsorption properties, the formation of pale pastel color, into the feed bar can be uniformly dispersed, and with feed bonding mixed particles, easily separated precipitate livestock after eating to promote digestion and can bacterial poultry gastrointestinal absorption excreted, enhance physical fitness, to play the role of gluten bone health, aquatic ponds serving in the pool water quality change clean, good air permeability, improve the survival rate of aquatic products.

Friction polishing industry: vehicle brake pads polishing, mechanical steel, wood furniture, glass, etc;

Advantages: Strong lubricating properties.

Leather leather industry: leather and other leather products.

Advantages: Strong sunscreen, physical soft light, eliminate quality leather pollution balloons filler product: light capacity, PH value is neutral, non-toxic, light, soft silty smooth, good strength properties, high temperature resistant sunscreen.